Award-winning illustrator and designer, Lakey has worked in a wide array of industries including publishing, advertising, marketing, manufacturing and action sports. His illustration work has graced album covers, used by rock moguls and featured in national touring musical acts. Action sports companies have featured his illustrations on skateboards, snowboards, and wakeboards sold internationally.



Born on a small Dutch dairy farm in Southern Idaho, Scott spent his formatve years throughout California’s central valley and then later moved to North Idaho where he attended High School. After high school, he attended The Art Institute of Seattle and then later transferred to The Art Institute of Los Angeles where he received his degree. He currently works from offices in North Idaho and California’s Central Coast as a contract illustrator and designer.
Blending passion with imagination has given me incredible opportunities in the design and art worlds. My education in Seattle and Los Angeles gave me a true love for design and refined my senses to what they are now. As I grow every day so does my fire for the arts, good design and the love for my family. God’s inspiration is in all that I do and it’s all for his glory.
Scott Lakey

Artist / Designer